Thirty years of success under the banner of creativity and experimentation more original and innovative. The story of Samatex, the pride of Italian excellence whose company is set like a precious jewel in Gallarate, in the heart of the most industrious Pianura Padana to be proud of because it can proudly keep going even when the road becomes heavy to go, instead of stopping like the others to look for shortcuts or, worse, surrender, it is a beautiful family history that was born by hand and then transformed into an industrial reality able to attract a demanding and loyal clientele who here knows to find an answer to each of his need.

On the other hand, what Samatex is able to offer is the certainty of a product that has no competitors able to keep pace.

At the exhibitions they attended, compared to the usual tendencies slavishly proposed by other companies, they were always in advance of at least two years and, faced with a sort of inability even the end customer to know how to really be a cool hunter, showing, however, completely blind in the face of what would later turn out to be the true fashion of the future to come, rather than giving precious ideas to others and clashing against a world of fashion now devoid of creative verve in favor of an obtusely commercial mindset and slave of the trend, Samatex has decided to create and present its wonderful collections with private events to its customers, the result of the exuberant and lively imagination of a style office always in full creative ferment.

To the collections signed Samatex, which we really recommend to look at to understand what will be the fashion that will successfully bet on the future, are flanked, naturally, those requests on demand from an elite European clientele, typically Italian and French, who dreams in great for its fashion collections to be enhanced with crystals, studs, precious embroideries, laser cut decorations, carving, jagging, pleating ... the list of possibilities with which to transform and make absolutely unique a fabric are truly endless.

Every designer here can realize every one of his most ambitious stylistic desire.

Thanks to state-of-the-art machinery and the skilled hands of gold craftsmen who finish the product on site, Samatex is definitely on a step higher than its direct competitors.

Here everything is pure light and glamor, but above all sublime savoir faire. Careful details, avant-garde experiments on both techno and ecofriendly fabrics, the innate ability to provide its customers exactly what they want, make Samatex one of those excellent companies that make Made in Italy great in the world.

The unavoidable preciousness of tradition blends with the thousand possibilities of the most innovative and eclectic experimentation.

The result is pure beauty, also demonstrating an entrepreneurial ability that has always calculated wisely his moves, but he never fears the risk and risk, because that is how Samatex has become a giant in his field.

Dying more and more, always putting yourself in the game not only to keep up with the times, but above all to anticipate them.

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